Elsa got arrested

This is amazing.

let me go

let me go

Am I really the only one that reads the Regents’ addendums to the manual?



The last one tho 😂

I’m dead af 😂😂😂


Season 3 bloopers x

I. Love. Them.

make me choose: shay or dawson



When Ken Morrish picked this apple off a tree in his garden, he thought a prankster had painted half of it red.

But after inspecting it closely he realised that the remarkable split colours on the fruit were a natural phenomenon. And the bizarre apple turned Mr Morrish into something of a celebrity in his village with scores of neighbours queuing up to take a photograph of it.

Experts say that the odds of finding an apple with such a perfect line between the green and the red are more than 1million to one. [source]

My Biology major boyfriend got a scholarship for excellence in Botany as well as a scholarship for excellence in Biology and Zoology

I asked him if this his possible and all he said was “I don’t know, plants are fucking weird”



Me when I fight enemies in video games.

I feel like this is the GIF I have been waiting for to best sum up my boss fight strategy for every game ever.  And I’m not sure which cat I am.

Stumbled all in the house, time to back up all of that mouth that you had all in the car, talking ‘bout you the baddest bitch thus far.